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Lifes greatest blessing

Family truly is a blessing that sometimes can be taken for granted. We have busy lives, and sometimes it’s hard to slow down and just enjoy some downtime with the people who are most important to us. Sometimes, us moms are stuck behind the camera instead of in front of it. Sometimes, we make excuses to not be in the photo. If I could give you one word of advice, it would be to get in the photo! You may not want to now, but your children will appreciate you for it down the road. Trust me.

I strive to capture you and your loved ones in the best light and as candidly as possible, not missing the spontaneous moments in between. My clients often tell me that I have the patience of a saint, which I take as a tremendous compliment! My clients know that I care about providing their family with memories that they will cherish forever, and that I take the time to ensure that the job is done right. These moments preserved are precious and irreplaceable, and will in turn be a legacy for you to hand down to future generations. I’d love to help you plan your next family session!

Sandy has been our family photographer for nearly 20 years. Each photo is gorgeous! She has given us precious moments to display in our home for a lifetime! Shes done family portraits for us, infant portraits, glam photos, modeling photos, business photos and special needs photos. I brought her a group of biting, pinching, no attention having special needs kids including my own and she managed to capture our special kids in a beautiful light… now that takes talent, skill and patience! And I cannot tell you what it means to a special needs parents to have a beautiful photo of their child! Thanks Sandy! You know that I can not rave enough about you! Youre over 2 hours away now but I will gladly make the trip to get our portraits masterfully crafted by you!

Karen Doyle

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